Asking for Coaching FeedbackSurveys show that when we’re asked to rate our own driving skills, over 75% of us score ourselves as above average. Similar self-assessment distortions show up when managers are asked to rate their own coaching effectiveness.

In researching and developing The Extraordinary Coach development system, Zenger Folkman identified four powerful reasons for asking coachees for their feedback on the coach’s effectiveness:

1. Asking for input significantly changes the nature of the relationship from parent-child to adults talking with each other.
2. Being asked for input changes the coachee’s feelings of being in control and having power.
3. The feedback changes the coach’s behavior.
4. Being asked for input changes the coachee’s attitude toward and ratings of the coach’s effectiveness.

That last point on perceptions of the coach or leader’s effectiveness is clearly illustrated in this data from our data base of 50,000 leaders being assessed by over 500,000 raters:

Looking for Feedback

You can start your coaching effectiveness feedback by viewing the recording of the webinar Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman recently conducted on becoming a better coach, as well as our Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment on the same page.

Happy motoring and good coaching!