Strengths-Based Performance Appraisals a Very Popular TopicMany people find giving or getting performance appraisals stressful and negative. That’s likely why one of the most popular white papers we’ve featured in some time was “Making Performance Appraisals an Inspiring Event“.

Strengths-based performance discussions can dramatically change the energy, focus, and effectiveness of these discussions. Focusing on strengths creates higher energy and much more positive outcomes.

One of Zenger Folkman’s long term Clients is BARD Access Systems providing vascular devices to the healthcare industry. Vice President of Human Resources, Mary Settle, reflects on their journey to shifting the power of performance feedback: ” … their research caused us to rethink our performance management philosophy. We revamped our process to orient it more toward building employees’ strengths. The results have been remarkable … The biggest change has been in the energy people have for the performance management process. It is now something that most employees look forward to. How many companies can say that?”

Tomorrow we publish my April blogs in our May issue of The Leader Letter. Building strengths continues to be our key focus. Adding to growing evidence on the power of strengths-based leadership development is research on building strengths for improving organizational health.

ServiceMaster chairman emeritus, C. William Pollard, in his book The Soul of the Firm wrote, “…if growth is to sustain itself, the people of the firm must also grow. We must learn to major in people’s strengths and not just correct their deficiencies. After all, we hire people for what they can do and not just for what they cannot do.”

Outstanding leaders, inspired teams, and peak performance organizations aren’t developed by reducing weaknesses. Extraordinary performance comes from building strengths.