Webinar on Building Leadership Skills and a Coaching CultureWould you like to move beyond building individual leaders to building a culture of exceptional leadership and coaching in your organization? Are you concerned about succession planning, deepening leadership bench strength, cultivating teamwork, recruiting top talent, increasing retention and engagement, improving customer service, safety and wellness, and increasing sales and profits?

These critical issues are keeping many senior leaders, learning and development professionals, HR executives and organization development/effectiveness professionals up at night. But there’s a confusing and contradictory array of programs and approaches promising solutions to these vital challenges.

On February 27 I delivered a 60 minute complimentary (no charge) webinar on Building Leadership Skills and a Coaching Culture. I’ll be summarizing Zenger Folkman’s research on 5 keys to using a highly proven strengths-based leadership approach. I’ll also overview an evidence-based approach to 6 keys to building a coaching culture with exceptional leaders. As you’ve been reading in my blogs, Zenger Folkman’s deep research cuts through the dizzying clamor of leadership and coaching development claims, models, and approaches to what really works.

Join us to hear:

• Why traditional assessments, performance management, and training needs analysis that look for gaps and “improvement areas” don’t work.
• How a scientific approach to strengths-based leadership development is 2 – 3 times more effective.
• Why many 360 feedback assessments are negative experiences that foster feedback phobia and reduce motivation for leadership skill development.
• Keys to building a positive can-do culture.
• The research on cross-training that provides new methodologies for building leadership strengths.
• The huge impact of coaching on engagement, extra effort, turnover, customer service, productivity, and organizational results.
• Common coaching traps that have created a vast coaching skills gap.
• A 4 step coaching framework to guide productive coaching conversations.

You can bring your team together to tune into the webinar. Click here to view. I hope to see you online!