Jim Clemmer's Leader Letter Newsletter
Just after publishing my blog post on “3 Keys to Developing Extraordinary Leadership” Bob Boulton, Leadership Coach — the Human Side of Leadership, cornerlight.net, sent me this e-mail:

“Jim, I have followed your work and have always been impressed by the rare combination you display of refreshing yet solid thinking and practical implementable (if that is a word) suggestions.

The focus on developing leadership strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses is something I have advocated for many years. Sometimes, we need to help people raise their so-called ‘areas for development’ from ‘poor’ to ‘satisfactory’; but it is the development of individual strengths where people can really shine; make their best contribution to their organization; and live the most fulfilling and successful career. My own Leadership Coaching practice will continue to ‘acc-cen-tuate the positive.'”

Tomorrow we publish my June blogs in the July issue of The Leader Letter. Many of the items in this month’s issue focus on developing leadership strengths. The Likability research provides a contemporary answer to the ancient question of whether it’s better to be loved or feared. Succession planning and building an organization’s bench strength with an effective leadership pipeline is fast becoming one of our most critical issues. The issue also looks at how global security leader, Symantec, is building bench strength by developing Top Talent.

Accepting and leveraging feedback is at the heart of strengths-based leadership development. The July issue features a blog with five keys to doing that. Inspirational leadership is often confused with charisma. There are six different pathways to inspiring and motivating others. Charisma is only one — and one of the least used — to get there. And trust is vital to leadership but we often lack practical approaches for building it. One of my June blogs published in this month’s issue outlines six evidence-based steps to building trust.

I am really looking forward to attending Zenger Folkman’s Leadership Summit at the end of this month in Park City, Utah. It’s a unique and extraordinary opportunity and there’s still room for you to join us. Click here for details.