Competency Companion Development Guide to Cross-TrainingMy last blog announced that my September webinar hosted by the Canadian Society for Training and Development is now archived and available for viewing at The Strengths-Based Leadership Development Revolution. Right after the webinar was broadcast I received this e-mail from a participant:

“I had a chance to attend your webinar on The Strengths-Based Leadership Revolution earlier today. I truly enjoyed learning from the information and research you shared. The strengths-based approach to leadership development resonates with me specifically because it focuses on building up a leader versus tearing them down in order to improve them. My natural inclination is to focus on, and encourage, the positive.

I am curious to learn more about the “Competency Companion Development Guide.” Where can I get more information on the actual groupings of competencies as well as the theory behind it?  

My response was to thank her for the feedback and that I was glad to hear our Strengths-Based Leadership Development System resonated so strongly with her. With my deep lifelong study and application of the principles now scientifically proven in the emerging field of Positive Psychology, it certainly does with me too.

The Competency Companion Development Guide is the “source code” or core Intellectual Property powering our highly successful Leadership Cross-Training approach (you can read a bit more the concept at (Leadership Cross Training is Powerful and Revolutionary). Chapter Four of How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths explains some of the research behind this powerful concept.

The CCDG is a major 200 page reference appendix of the Participant Manual each person receives when he or she goes through The Extraordinary Leader workshop (in addition to How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths). The CCDG shows statistically significant cross competencies and behaviors scoped out for each of the 16 competencies. It’s used as the main reference guide for participants choosing their development path in building a strength (a competency in the 75th percentile) into a profound strength (90th percentile). Developing just 3 of 16 competencies into profound strengths boosts overall perceived leadership effectiveness over the 80th percentile!

If you or a colleague is in the Toronto area on October 25 you can join our complimentary (no charge) ½ day Developing Exceptional Leaders briefing and panel discussion. Registrations are now steadily coming in for our first Extraordinary Leader public workshops in Calgary on November 13 and Toronto on November 29 (hosted by Canadian Tire).