A recent blog post on “Nine Leadership Behaviors to Build Commitment” provoked a few excellent questions/observations that got me thinking — and responding. Reader input included:

  • How is the measurement and management of leadership effectiveness actually implemented in practice?
  • Most managers let themselves off the hook for the poor productivity of an employee…
  • Aren’t ego and talk the most common predictors of leaders? Are we likely to see change as modern business practices increasingly alienate employees?

Click here to read the full reader comments/questions and my responses to them.


With the summer release of the movie “Horrible Bosses,” Carol Tice asks “what kind of boss have you turned into, now that you’re in charge?” She writes that the movie “has thrown a spotlight on an unpleasant fact: A lot of bosses are awful.” She cites research that half of participants work for an “unreasonable” manager. Nearly 60% of workers stayed on the job, 11% quit immediately, while 27% planned their escape.

Carol identifies “five common types of bad bosses:

  • Micromanager
  • Poor communicator
  • Bully
  • Saboteur
  • Mixed nuts”

See “Are You a ‘Horrible Boss’?” to read her blog and get more insights to looking in the mirror at whether you might resemble any of the types of bad bosses.