I have participated in many media interviews over the years. I am currently in the midst of a flurry of interviews right now with my new book. Recently, speaker and social media coach, Anna Farmery, interviewed me for her Engaging Brand podcast. It was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had.

Many interviewers are overwhelmed with the number of guests on their show and the broad range of topics they cover. So it’s all too common to have them stick to a script of questions and turn our time into getting through those without replying, listening, or engaging in a conversation. It’s a set of parallel monologs rather than a conversation.

Anna was extraordinarily well prepared for our interview. She had studied Growing @ the Speed of Change and asked a series of very thoughtful questions. She also gave personal examples of her own struggles while applying some of the approaches we discussed. I can clearly see why her show has been nominated for the third year running for the Best Business Podcast.

Here’s some of what we covered:

• The Change Paradox – we all know that life is change, yet we’re often caught off guard by it in our search for stability and certainty.

• What is Reality? – the quirky world of quantum physics (which freaked out Einstein) shows we’re bundles of energy in a universe of energy emanating thoughts of energy that changes our reality.

• Information versus Communication – ironically our technical “communication” tools are actually reducing communication as we confuse quantity and quality while struggling to Tame the E-Mail Beast and making ourselves dumber with multi-tasking.

• Visualization – using imagery and pictures of what we want.

• Not Letting Others Should on Us – not being driven by others’ expectations of us such as always being available or being pulled into Wallowing or Following rather than Leading.

Our interview lasted about 18 – 20 minutes. You can listen to it at http://theengagingbrand.typepad.com/the_engaging_brand_/2009/11/jimclemmerpodcast.html. Go to the bottom of the page under the heading “How you can listen to the Engaging Brand” for listening options. Anna begins with some background on the Business Podcast awards and pays some bills by promoting their sponsor before we get into the interview.

December 3 Complimentary Webcast

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