We are now putting together a 45 – 60 minute complimentary webcast for December 3. This presentation is a look at key concepts and approaches for personal growth and for building leadership up, down, and across an organization. I’ll bring participants my latest research, revised model, and practical approaches from the work I’ve been immersed in during the past year in writing my new book.

Click here to see an outline of what I’ll cover, how teams or larger groups can tune in and build upon the webcast, and to register.

The webcast will be an audio feed of my voice and a visual feed of my corresponding slides. Our technical dilemma is how to provide webcast channels that everyone can access. So far we’ve set up a Ustream.tv channel at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/growing-the-speed-of-change. But we’re concerned about how many organizations with corporate firewalls can access this. If you’re in that situation, could you please click on this link and let our Marketing Director, Aidan Crawford, know whether you can get through. His e-mail is aidan.crawford@clemmer.net.

We’re thinking of also providing an option for participants to get my slides sent in advance and then calling into a conference call bridge for the audio broadcast.

We’d very much appreciate your feedback and suggestions! My e-mail is Jim.Clemmer@Clemmer.net or post your input below.