October 1st I blogged about our struggle whether or not to put my photo on the front cover of Growing @ the Speed of Change. At the time, I recounted how the book cover designer and photographer spent hours shooting hundreds of digital photos looking for a shot they felt combined a warm and inviting stance with action (inspir-action). I said I was too biased to objectively judge the photo chosen but hoped readers would connect with it.

Here’s part of a note Kamara Hennessey of Burlington, Ontario, Canada sent me:

“Your photographer has captured you in the manner of a Frank Sinatra performing stance. Since your latest book is defined by you as “edutaining”, then this was quite an appropriate photo to use.

You appear as though you are stepping out from the cover in an inviting and charismatic manner to entice your audience to step into your world. If you are familiar with Sinatra’s timeless song ‘Come Fly with Me,’ I can perhaps ‘hear’ you in song replacing the word ‘fly’ with ‘grow.’ Hopefully, like your writing, you can also carry a tune well by sustaining the pitches and not going off key. If not, then add that ‘no talent, won’t make it in Idol search’ to another of your Dad’s jokes.”

Like the meeting planner said when her keynote speaker failed to show up, I am speechless! I certainly can’t carry a tune and musically I am not qualified to carry Frank Sinatra’s bags. If I could sing, Kamara has a great idea for a theme song. But doing that song my way would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. I’d be told in no uncertain terms exactly where to fly.

Wait! There’s an idea for how to spook the kids at our front door on Halloween.