Tomorrow is a really big deal for me! It’s the official announcement and unveiling of my new book through my monthly newsletter (The Leader Letter.) Since my blogs preceed what’s then in the following month’s Leader Letter, today’s post is a lengthy sneak peak at the biggest event for all of us at The CLEMMER Group in 2009! Growing @ the Speed of Change: Your Inspir-actional How-To Guide for Leading Yourself and Others through Constant Change is baby number seven in our growing family of books.

“Salesy” Disclaimer (especially to new subscribers) – I try hard to focus this blog and The Leader Letter on bringing you high value inspiration, ideas, experiences, insights, tips, and techniques that’s worth much more than you’re paying for it! This is a significant new book. I am very excited about its potential to be a major help to the very sort of people who follow my work and subscribe to my newsletter. So in September’s issue we’re debuting the book with an introductory offer and giving snippets of its content to you. Next month we’ll tone down the marketing messages and get back to our regular format.

I conceived and started developing Growing @ the Speed of Change a little over nine months ago with the working title of “Thriving in Turbulent Times.” That title reflected my goal to provide both inspiration and practical techniques for staying “above the line” and moving forward during times of change and adversity at work and at home. I am extremely pleased with how the book turned out. Parents should never have favorites, but this is my best book yet. I’ve never before blended both inspiring why-to with concrete how-to approaches. That’s why we’re calling this book “inspir-actional.”

Growing @ the Speed of Change extends and more deeply applies many of the principles I first pulled together in Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success. This new title reflects the growing themes and metaphors found throughout the book. The title also reflects one of the biggest organizational issues of our time – successfully mastering change. That starts with changing personal perceptions and giving everyone the tools to act like a leader.

We’ve posted the Introduction (“Growing Forward”) at Read it for more about the background and focus of Growing @ the Speed of Change. You can also peruse the book’s outline or Table of Contents at

Introductory Book Offer: Two Autographed Books for the Price of One!

As a blog follower or subscriber to The Leader Letter you’re the first to get details on Growing @ the Speed of Change. You’re also first in line to receive an autographed copy. And if that’s not enough, we’re also sending along a second free copy for you to pass along to a colleague, friend, or family member. At the risk of sounding like a huckster, this is a limited time offer. Both my autographing arm and our marketing budget won’t last long!

Go to for more details and order information.

A Final Thought: Growing @ the Speed of Change Starts with Personal Growth

Are you overwhelmed by continuous changes in leadership, direction, and priorities? Are you stressed out by constant reorganizing and restructuring? Are customers, other departments, or your boss demanding more of you than you know how to give? Are the pressures of life squeezing the joy from your day?

You’re not alone. You may even be suffering from change fatigue. It’s not possible to predict where all this change is taking us. But one thing is certain – the pace of change is going to keep accelerating. To thrive in turbulent times, we must learn to change perceptions and behaviors in order to change results.

We all make subtle choices that determine whether we wallow, follow, or lead. Change isn’t going to stop. Either we ride the wave of change, or drown fighting the undercurrents.

I’ve tried to make Growing @ the Speed of Change both timely and timeless, providing concrete how-to solutions that combine inspiration with action plans – “inspir-action!” My goal is to provide an entertaining, practical guide with powerful tools for personal growth and development so individuals and teams can deal with, and thrive in, a world of accelerating change.

Read and contemplate or flip through and browse. I’ve worked hard to provide easy to digest chapters, sidebars, and tips so you can come back again and again for practical inspiration and direction that will help you lead yourself and others through life’s constant changes.