The Leader’s Digest: Timeless Principles for Team and Organization Success and its Practical Application Planner provide an explicit roadmap or how-to framework for the implicit approaches chronicled in Moose on the Table. As this pair of leadership development resources were designed to do, many management teams are now using them to learn together as a group (you can read more about this at here.)

Here’s an excellent example of a supervisory management team using these materials very effectively:

“One of our new superintendents asked if our Training and Development group could recommend reading for his supervisors and himself that would be part of their annual review. We recommended The Leader’s Digest with workbook (The Leader’s Digest: Practical Application Planner) for his team to work through in their group.

Each section was assigned as homework with a face-to-face after the assigned time. Over the past six months, they have completed both the reading and workbook together. Here are some of their comments:

· The Leader’s Digest was fun to read. It did not get boring. It has some valuable info in it that can definitely be applied by frontline leadership in our mills.

· “A very easy read. The concepts were easy to understand and the book gave many examples of how to use the tools. I recommend the book to all supervisors and managers at all levels.”

· “A common sense approach to leadership and coaching others.

· “Easy to understand, practical and interesting enough to keep me reading. Many of the examples brought the full meaning into focus.”

· “The book was well laid out and easy to read with the side bars and humor. I would recommend that the rest of the region reads this book.”

· “A lot of good information in the book. Getting everyone together to talk about it and to apply the information to our mill helped to solidify application. I would suggest other plants do something similar.””

Bob Salstrand

Boise Cascade Inland Region, La Grande, OR