The Leaders Digest: Practical Application Planner

The Practical Application Planner moves management teams from being inspired by The Leader’s Digest to applying its Timeless Leadership Principles. This needs to be an ongoing process, not just a “sheep dip” event (one-size-fits-all training that isn’t used right away). Successful team development and organizational leadership comes from many small steps over a long period of time.

A key element of following-through on the Practical Application Planner process is to repeat all or part of this process throughout the rest of the organization:

  •  Each member of the management team originally participating in this process, cascades it by taking their own team through the Practical Application Planner process. Each member of that team would then do the same with their team members down through the whole organization.
  •  Frontline staff goes through the entire process or modified exercises that are especially relevant to the management team improvement plans that are unfolding and/or provide input back to management.

Inspiring and jam-packed with practical application ideas, The Leader’s Digest: Practical Application Planner is a cost-effective way to enrich leadership development initiatives with a medley of “edutaining” summaries for leaders on the go. It can help:

  •  Reinforce new or existing development programs
  •  Shift organizational culture toward stronger people leadership
  •  Bond management teams with a common set of principles
  •  Provide compelling evidence that hard results come from “soft skills”
  •  Bolster emotional intelligence throughout leadership staff

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