The title of my fourth book, Growing the Distance (now available on our web site as an e-book download), reflects its focus on personal growth for personal, career, and family success. Following is an exercise taken from it’s Personal Implementation Guide. Both Growing the Distance and the Personal Implementation Guide are now part of an extensive Self-Study System with a CD I put together walking an individual learner through each of the dozens of exercises and “Practical Application Ideas” section for every one of the seven Timeless Leadership Principles.

For subscribers who have read Growing the Distance, this personal growth measurement survey is built around pages 13-15, 123-125, 129-134, and 141-143 of Growing the Distance.

I look for the growth opportunities in all changes.
Continuous personal learning and development is how I deal with change.
I recognize and work to overcome my own signs of resistance to change.
My rate of internal or personal change exceeds the rate of external change.
I invest at least 10% of my time in personal growth and development.
People who know me well would attest that learning is a way of life for me.
I am a role model for continuous personal growth to the people I lead.
I am constantly experimenting, piloting, and trying new approaches, skills, and methods.
I am a strong coach and developer of people on my team.
I regularly take time for personal reflection and renewal.


40 – 50 points – You’re clearly a leader on the grow.
26 – 39 points – Watch for signs of stagnation.
10 – 25 points – You’re stagnating and in great danger of becoming a victim of change.