An editor for a major Information Technology (IT) publishing firm contacted me for an interview on how the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT staff have a tendency to focus narrowly on technology and down play teamwork, communication, and “people issues.” But, as she rightly pointed out, “soft skills are becoming increasingly important as IT staff steps out of the shadow of a service function and more as a business-transforming unit.”

I have worked with a number IT departments and technology companies. Many professionals in that field certainly do need stronger leadership or soft skills.

As background to our hour long interview I sent her these links:

  • September 2004 issue of The Leader Letter features a huge and growing problem with the misuse of e-mail and the immense confusion between information and communication.
  • Video clips on “Leadership Lessons for the Emotional Intelligence Research” provides arguments of the head (hard) to get at issues of the heart (soft).
    The Foundation of all Leadership is Self-Leadership

    The Leader’s Mood Impacts the Group

    Looking in the Mirror Takes Courage
    Why Overly Technical Managers Often Fail

  • A selection of articles on balancing management (hard) and leadership (soft) as well as a few on adding technology to the mix.
  • A selection of articles on Mobilizing and Energizing.
  • What’s been your experience with this issue as either someone in the IT field, managing IT people, or being served by IT professionals?