As we’re trying to thaw out from an usually cold winter in Southern Ontario, I received the following letter from a Client of ours (and fellow Canadian) vacationing in Florida. While the setting Scott described made me colder with envy, his warm comments on my last book sure help to energize and cheerlead me on as I am writing me newest book – a Moose-on-the-Table fable.

I am also looking forward to very shortly delivering the first in a multi-year series of leadership development workshops for Ontario Power Generation.


Like a lot of people, I have a stack of those “I’ll get around to reading sometime” books. I could have picked any one of them to pack in my carry-on bag, but I’m glad I picked your book. Now I’m looking forward to cracking open Growing the Distance when I get home.

I look forward to working with you as we build the leadership capacity at OPG. The supervisor training is proving to be very popular. The demand for high quality leadership development is clear and we will have no problem filling the remaining workshops for 2007.


Scott Martin, Vice President, Hydro Human Resources & Employee Safety, Ontario Power Generation