LeaderShift: Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders Webinar

Jim Clemmer delivers an energizing and information-packed 60 minute webinar on the critical choices we make to navigate, just survive, or be a victim. These critical choices then ripple out to how we help or hinder others dealing with constantly shifting conditions.

Over-managed and under-led?

Employee engagement, customer satisfaction, safety, and quality, are slipping in many organizations being challenged to do more with less. This is often because organizations are over-managed and under-led. Research shows that high performing teams and organizations balance the “hard” discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a “soft” base of effective people leadership. Every organization is ultimately only as good as its people.

Leaders at all Levels

Organizations that succeed will be those where everyone across the organization is equipped to adapt to and excel in constant change.

Today, more than ever, organizations look to everyone, at all levels, to think and act like leaders. The key is to first create inner self-leadership, which ultimately will determine how people perform in their roles and help move the organization forward. Leading with the heart inspires higher energy and commitment to meaningful change toward more successful outcomes for everyone.

Leadership is clearly the key to success. Strengthening those “soft skills” to build high-performing management teams and organizational cultures has always been important. In today’s turbulent times it’s critical. Despite all the talk about leadership and change, many “change fatigued” leaders struggle with just how to strengthen personal effectiveness and leadership.

SHIFT from Good Manager

…to Great Leader

Pushes for results Inspires outstanding performance
Directs and controls Coaches and influences
Solves problems Guides problem solving and owning solutions
Gives feedback Gives and asks for feedback
Focuses on fixing weaknesses Builds and leverages strengths
Sets high goals and standards Energizes with compelling vision and strategy
Builds strong teamwork Fosters a culture of extraordinary effort
Uses his/her technical/clinical expertise Develops strong expertise in others
Reduces turnover and increases engagement Attracts and retains the very best people

Shifting Perspectives: Obstacles or Opportunities?

  • Shift Happens: Dealing with constant change.
  • Change Challenges and Choices: Lead (capitalizing on changes), Follow (just getting by), or Wallow (living in “Pity City”).
  • Team/Organizational Quicksand: Keys to avoiding the swamp of fear, cynicism, and negativity during difficult times.
  • Everyone Must Lead – Leadership is an Action, Not a Position: Building “leaderful” teams and organizations to use change as a peak performance catalyst

High-Performance Shift: Are we Unbalanced?

  • Getting it together: Understanding the differences between technical, management, and leadership and how to integrate them for greater success.
  • Soft skills, hard results: Emotions, morale, perceptions, and energy are powerful catalysts propelling teams and organizations to peak performance.
  • Powerful Combinations: Balancing “Hard” Management Competencies like Business Acumen, Drive for Results, and Problem Solving with “Soft” Leadership Competencies such as Communications, Teamwork/Collaboration, and Developing People.
  • How’s our balance? Assessing our balance of technical/clinical issues with the vital management and leadership components.

Seven Leadership Upshifts to Accelerate Performance

  • Focus and Context: Energizing Through Vision, Values, and Mission
  • Responsibility for Choices: Increasing Influence Outward and Upward
  • Authenticity: Fostering Greater Openness and Transparency
  • Passion and Commitment: Boosting Staff Engagement and Empowerment
  • Spirit and Meaning: Deepening Organizational Spirit and Strengthening Teamwork
  • Growing and Developing: Growing Others with Powerful Coaching Practices
  • Mobilizing and Energizing: Inspiring Extra Effort and Outstanding Performance

Strengths Shift: Fixing Weaknesses Demotivates and Weakens Improvement

  • Positive Psychology and the Strengths-Based Movement: Powerful new research on positivity ratios and building strengths
  • Good to Great Leadership: The significant differences between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders and the dramatic impact on his or her team/organization
  • Building Strengths: Why building on existing strengths is up to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses
  • Fatal Flaws: When a weakness must be addressed