Webinar: How Coachable Are Your Leaders?

How coachable are you? How about your leaders? When scheduled into a leadership development event or coaching process are your leaders prisoners, tourists, or learners? Are development dollars being wasted on uncoachable leaders?

A great deal of attention has been given to helping managers acquire better coaching skills. Organizations have earnestly sought to create a feedback-rich, coaching culture. However, are we forgetting or ignoring an important element of success in this endeavor?

If our job was to create a winning dance team, we would obviously give equal attention to both participants. No matter how agile and skillful one person is, as the old saying goes, “it takes two to Tango.” The success of coaching hinges on the behavior of two people — not just one.

What can and should be done for those who are the recipients of coaching? Are leaders who are resistant to, or uncomfortable with being coached less likely to succeed? Our research clearly answers that question with a resounding “Yes.” This quality of being coachable seems extremely important early in one’s career.

What should organizations do for those who are mid-way in their career? Are there some behaviors that could easily be identified and practiced by virtually every leader? Again, the answer is a strong “Yes.” Learning to ask for feedback is an extremely valuable practice for leaders to routinely use. Leaders can also be taught how to respond to and process that feedback, and do it in a way that keeps the flow of feedback coming. Join Jack and Joe as they reveal the exciting findings of this recent study!