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Individual Contributors: Building on Strengths is the Foundation of Success at Every Level

Individual contributors make important contributions, yet they do it without carrying management titles that suggest high organizational rank, authority, or prestige. They influence and inspire others without being in roles of assigned leadership.

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Can Strengths be Taken Too Far?

A commonly held belief is that strengths taken too far cease to be strengths and become liabilities or weaknesses.

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Bringing Science to the Art of Coaching

The world of coaching in business organizations and large public agencies can gain a great deal from embracing good ideas and practices from every source, including the major helping professions. Only in that way will it ever achieve its potential contribution to every organization.

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An Overview of Key Insights from The Extraordinary Leader

Excerpt from The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders

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Evidence-Based Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

How leaders in healthcare organizations can be developed with an eye on producing positive outcomes to the organizational issues of talent management, increasing standards for quality care and patient satisfaction, more consumer choices for healthcare, and the rising complexity of Medicare reimbursements.

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