Reflecting, Renewing, and Refocusing Through Evolutionary ChangeOne reason organizational change efforts have failure rates as high as 70% is because too many newly appointed leaders take over a team or organization with overpowering messages of revolutionary change. Often the new leader implies that everything the team or organization did before they arrived on his or her white horse to save this day was wrong.

This is guaranteed to raise resistance and trigger the organizational immune system to reject this transplant. A much more effective approach honors and builds on strengths, values, and successes while blending new approaches, mindsets, and behaviors. Unless there’s a widely acknowledged and obvious crisis, evolutionary change is often much more effective.

The dawn of a new year is an excellent time to review, refocus, and renew our approaches. This is best approached by blending our strengths, core values, and useful traditions with changes that feed our ongoing growth and continuous improvement.

As The CLEMMER Group continues our evolutionary journey we’ve been applying this approach to our programs and services. As I wrote in New Keynotes and Workshops to Motivate, Energize, and Inspire Leaders, last summer we reviewed and revised our Custom Keynotes & Workshops and Leadership Team Retreats.

This evolutionary exercise has led to our complimentary January 26, 2016 webinar on Essential Building Blocks for Leadership, Coaching, and Culture Development. The webinar builds on and evolves our three core areas; frameworks for moving from inspiration to application, elevating leadership and coaching strengths, and strengthening people and processes for culture and organization development. A 12 point checklist also evolved from this work to help you assess your current team, coaching, and culture development.

Tomorrow we publish my December blog posts in the first edition of The Leader Letter for the New Year. May you find material in my blogs or this month’s issue to blend your personal, team, and organizational strengths with the changes you need to keep you moving forward throughout 2016!