Leveraging Strengths and Building Team SpiritAre you concerned about building leadership skills in your organization’s supervisors, managers, or executives? Would you like to help leaders…

  • Increase employee engagement by up to 8 times?
  • Double/triple their motivation to implement a personal development plan?
  • Build coaching and leadership skills around natural strengths?
  • Make performance appraisals an inspiring event people look forward to?
  • Double their rate of improvement from 360 feedback?

Two days ago I skipped across the tips of the giant icebergs of coaching and leadership skill development. During a densely packed one hour webcast I covered:

  1. Six Steps to Developing Extraordinary Coaching Skills
  2. Elevating Feedback
  3. Building Coaching and Leadership Strengths
  4. Critical Components of a Strengths-Based 360 Assessment
  5. Cross Training: A Revolutionary New Approach to Building Strengths
  6. Executive Briefing and  Public Workshops

The challenge of many short presentations like this one is whether to zoom in on a topic or zoom out for a higher level overview. Since we had over 600 sites signed up from more than 20 countries and a broad cross section of leaders, HR, and development professionals, I gave a high level overview of the latest research and new approaches on coaching and leadership skill development.

Click on 6 Steps to Extraordinary Coaching Skills, Elevating Feedback, and Strengthening Leadership to access the archived webinar. Contact me or Brad Smith if you’d like to zoom in further on any parts of the icebergs I quickly skipped over.