How to Positively Correct Negative Behavior Video
Many managers either don’t address performance issues and negative behavior or do it poorly. Both cases lead to disengaged and demoralized team members.

Survey after survey shows that a great source of frustration for most of us is not being given effective feedback when our behavior creates problems or performance falls short. It’s one of the biggest complaints many people have about their bosses.

These are courageous conversations. And how they’re handled is at the heart of how effective a leader’s coaching skills are rated. How often have you found yourself saying “it’s not what he or she is saying that angers me, it’s how they’re saying it.”

As part of our Face Time video series with MRO Academy I was asked to discuss how leaders can effectively address performance or behavior problems. It starts with a leader defining his or her role as directing and controlling people or building people and their capabilities. If it’s the latter, then the discussion should be framed in a larger context of ongoing coaching and strengths building that’s not just once per year at performance appraisal time.

In this four minute video clip I then outline a few key steps to minimizing defensiveness, building self-esteem, and making this conversation a joint problem solving discussion. Click on Positively Correcting Negative Behavior to view.

This vital discussion is part of “Elevating Feedback” that I cover in my webcast, 6 Steps to Extraordinary Coaching Skills, Elevating Feedback, and Strengthening Leadership. Click the link to view on demand.