We once worked with an organization where “coaching” was a term that meant reprimand. When a manager said to a team member “I’d like to give you some coaching” it created fear and anxiety.

Coaching is a more positive term in most organizations. Many time-pressured leaders know this skill is pivotal to their team member’s satisfaction and performance but struggle with having effective coaching conversations.

I delivered a fast-paced and information packed webinar on 6 Steps to Extraordinary Coaching Skills, Elevating Feedback, and Strengthening Leadership covering:

Six Steps to Developing Extraordinary Coaching Skills

  1. Defining What Coaching Is and Isn’t — defining coaching versus training or mentoring in performance and career coaching
  2. Showing the Huge Impact of Coaching — just how much a difference coaching really makes on engagement, intention to stay, extra effort, leadership satisfaction, and feeling valued.
  3. Using a Coaching Conversation Framework — common coaching traps, how improvement comes with structure, and our four-step FUEL process.
  4. Bringing Science and Other Best Practices to Coaching — 14 coaching competencies and learning from other research and disciplines.
  5. Building Coaching Effectiveness Through Skill Development — unique challenges in coaching skill development and shifting manager-employee dependence to empowerment.
  6. Strengthen Coaching Collaboration — empowering and encouraging “coachees,” focusing on the coachee’s agenda, and asking for feedback on coaching effectiveness.

Elevating Feedback — what gets in the way of effective reinforcing and/or redirecting feedback, feedback pitfalls, and using the FUEL model.

Building Coaching and Leadership Strengths — the power of focusing on strengths, why a strength focus doubles improvement rates, critical of a strengths-based 360 assessment, and how cross-training provides a revolutionary new approach to building strengths.

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