Effective Leaders are Proactive not Reactive With their TimeTime is the great equalizer. We all get exactly the same amount of it every day.

What a leader does with his or her daily time allotment distinguishes good, bad, and extraordinary leaders. Many less effective leaders are sucked into the busyness trap trying to keep up with their daily deluge of e-mails and stream of constant meetings. They lose control of their time and lose control of their lives.

In a recent interview, I outlined a classic study on leadership time effectiveness and discussed how poorly run meetings waste time. Click on Effective Leaders are Proactive not Reactive with their Time to watch the two minute clip.

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An old fable tells of a farmer with a wagon brimming full of cabbage heading to a new market. He stops for directions and asks, “How far is it to the market?” The man replies, “It’s about an hour if you go slowly but if you rush it will take all day.” It was a bumpy road and if the farmer went too fast he’d spend most of his time picking up the cabbage that bounced off his wagon.

Taking the time to slow down and watch, read, and reflect on how we’re using our time can move us more quickly along our way.