Secrets to Discovering Your Company's Hidden Talent PoolsOne of the highlights of the Leadership Summit was a keynote presentation by Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman on a critical topic that’s vital to the future of many organizations. In much of the Western World we’re on the edge of a dangerous talent precipice. For many it’s becoming a crisis.

In America 60% of companies face leadership shortages that impede their performance. Ten thousand baby boomers retire every day, and data predicts a 30% drop in available managers between 2009 and 2015.

Yet many organizations have three overlooked resources that data reveals are largely untapped:

• Aspiring women — they surpass men in many leadership skills
• Individual contributors — because they do not currently manage others their potential is being overlooked
• Young managers, Gen Y — development efforts for these future leaders start far too late and generally don’t begin until age 40

The solution to our talent shortage is already within most organizations. By developing these forgotten groups, everyone wins.

Focusing on these three overlooked groups would not only answer the talent gap, but according to scientific data would result in:

• 4 – 8 times higher profits
• 70% higher engagement and productivity
• 40% higher customer satisfaction
• 50% less turnover

This webinar is a recording of Jack Zenger’s and Joe Folkman’s thought provoking and revealing keynote presentation. Click on Secrets to Discovering Your Company’s Hidden Talent Pools to view this complimentary webinar.

We need to find and develop all the leadership talent we can if we’re going to capitalize on the many opportunities and rise to the challenges ahead.