Towering Strengths Overshadow WeaknessesAs I outlined in “Exceptional Leaders Aren’t Well Rounded” and “Outstanding Major League Baseball Players Aren’t Well Rounded” extraordinary leaders aren’t defined by the absence of weaknesses but the presence of a few profound strengths. In The Extraordinary Leader workshop we help participants uncover the power of leadership perception from their own experiences with a simple Best Leader/Worst Leader exercise.

Click on Towering Strengths Overshadow Weaknesses for my three minute video clip explaining the essence of this exercise.

Even the greatest leaders have weaknesses. Think of historically great leaders like Churchill, Gandhi, Kennedy, Lincoln and the like. These were not perfect human beings. Many had big weaknesses. We outlined more recent examples in “Steve Jobs Showed How Towering Strengths Overshadow Weaknesses“.

Despite the growing evidence and our own experiences, building on strengths is a counterintuitive way to develop leadership skills. Many leadership development approaches have big “Struggles with Wasting Time on Weaknesses“.