Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman Named Thought Leaders of the YearIt’s been two years since Jack Zenger and I explored partnering once again (our previous companies, Zenger Miller and The Achieve Group worked together in the 80s). Since forming The CLEMMER Group in 1994 we’ve been approached by many consulting and training organizations to work together. We’ve always chosen to do our own thing and develop our own programs and services. In A New Era Begins: Our Strategic Partnership with Zenger Folkman I gave five key reasons for this change in direction; 1. Jack Zenger, 2. Strengths-Based Leadership Development, 3. Research/Evidence-Based Leadership Development, 4. Coaching and Inspiring Skills/Philosophies, and 5. A Powerful Fit with our Culture/Leadership Development.

Nearly two years of working with Jack, Joe Folkman, and the ZF team and implementing ZF’s programs and services with our Clients has exceeded our high expectations. Their strengths-based leadership development approaches are on the leading edge of a big — and long overdue — shift in our field. Major and leading companies such as General Mills, Gap, Wells Fargo, Yale University, Deloitte, Marriott, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Viacom, Thomson Reuters, and many others have adapted and often customized The Extraordinary Leader and The Extraordinary Coach as the foundation of their leadership and culture development work.

Now on the heels of Training Industry.com placing Zenger Folkman in their Top Training Companies, ISA – The Association of Learning Providers, have just given Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman their 2014 Thought Leader Award. ISA’s awards committee explained the unique partnership of these two leaders: “Initially, Jack and Joe developed an unexpected partnership. Jack has spent more than 50 years working in human resources for some of the largest companies in the world. Joe is a statistically inclined organizational psychologist who has focused his career on building statistical models that interpret human behavior. Together, they developed a training and development company that was grounded in data and backed by practical ideas. While the partnership wasn’t immediately obvious, it has proven to be successful with many worldwide companies.”

This is a peer group award from the top organizations in the training and development industry. Click here to read more about this prestigious award.

Visit our Zenger Folkman Featured Resources for a selection of case studies, white papers, and recent webinars showcasing ZF’s thought leadership and cutting edge development approaches. Click on Join Us at the Extraordinary Leadership Summit for an exciting and rare chance to join me, Brad Smith, Jack, Joe, the ZF team, and leading ZF practitioners and Clients in Park City, Utah this July.