Complimentary Webinar: Developing Your Leadership PipelineFor years we have been warned that our labor force will be seriously affected by the aging baby-boom generation. As the years pass, however, it is becoming clear that the threat is not just the baby-boomers retiring. It is much broader. As organizations continue to experience turnover, restructuring, changes in business strategy, and market volatility, it is critical that they have leaders who can step in.

But, are these leaders prepared for success, or does a promotion mean they have just been set up for failure? The organizations that succeed in the current competitive environment will be those who have prepared their next generation of leaders.

What is Your Future Leadership Strategy?

You are invited to attend a complimentary webinar presented by Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman discussing their research-based approach to building a pipeline of effective leaders.

Jack and Joe will explore answers to these questions:

1. What’s the likely leadership scenario for your organization in the next 36 to 48 months?
2. How can you know who in your organization will be ready to assume leadership responsibilities?
3. How can you make leadership development a conscious, deliberate, and sustained strategy in your organization?
4. What has Zenger Folkman done to support other organizations as they build their leadership pipeline?

Join this information packed complimentary webinar to learn how to position your future leaders for success and ensure the ongoing health of your organization.