Now For Your (E-Book) Reading PleasureI love e-books. Availability in a Kindle version is now one of the main criteria I use when deciding what books to read. Being able to read a book on my computer, Playbook, or Blackberry is much more convenient than lugging around a physical book or magazine/newsletter/newspaper. Making notes, highlighting, and copying passages in my research database is so much easier. Looking up word definitions, going back to remember who that character was when reading novels, or linking to Wikipedia (a Kindle feature) that might then lead to maps or other reference documents helps put things in context and broaden understanding.

So I am delighted to announce that my last four books (Growing @ the Speed of Change, Moose on the Table, The Leader’s Digest, and Growing the Distance) are now available in electronic formats. Click on Kindle versions to purchase and download any of them from the Amazon site. That’s another feature I love; being able to download a book instantly. I’ve been a participant in presentations/workshops, heard about a book, gone to the Amazon site, and downloaded the book a few minutes later. What a concept!

Click here to peruse all of my books, workbooks, audio tracks, and the full range of electronic formats available (Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, and others). This page also gives you all the languages and other versions of my books.

I’ve just read (electronically) that 30% of people reading e-content say they’re now spending more time reading. And 41% of people who’ve owned an electronic reader for more than a year are reading more. Not all readers are leaders. But many “leaders on the grow” are readers. So: Read. Lead. Succeed!