Since 2012 is the year of Heather and my 35th wedding anniversary, we’ve been living out one of our dreams with a 30 day cruise that left San Diego, CA on January 4 to Hawaii, through the South Pacific, and back to San Diego. There are many, many fascinating aspects to this part of the world. A big one is the enormity of the Pacific Ocean. Use February's Bonus Day for R&RIt encompasses one-third of the earth’s surface. All of the landmass on this planet would fit within the Pacific with room for another Africa!

As a history buff, it’s been fascinating to learn more about the Polynesian people who settled throughout the countless beautiful islands dotting this vast ocean. I’ve been re-reading James Michener’s historical novel, Hawaii, to get reacquainted with the story and stories of how this most remote island chain in the world was founded as one of the last places on earth to be populated by people. It’s a history rich with leadership lessons on courage, vision, community, teamwork, spiritual connections, and working in harmony with nature’s mighty laws.

2012 is also a Leap Year with an extra day added to the calendar on February 29. We need the extra day because the earth doesn’t orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days. This is one more reminder of how we need to continually adjust the constructs of our world (like our calendars and clocks) to much bigger universal laws.

How will you use the gift of an extra day in February? Strong and well-centered leaders are reflective and deliberate (strategic) with their time. Why not use some of this bonus day one month into our new year for a little R & R (reflection and renewal)?

Tomorrow’s issue of The Leader Letter  pulls together and publishes my January blogs. Here’s an opportunity to use this issue to review the first month of your 2012 journey and plan for the next eleven. How has the first month’s chapter of your new book for the New Year worked out for you so far? Do you, your team, and your organization have a clear focus on the three core leadership questions? How are you nurturing your leadership skills? Are you on track to keep or break your organizational change resolutions? What insights can you apply from the new study on Top Companies for leaders? How are you juggling the Five Balls of Life? Are you leading your organization into the Worthiness Era?