Last year we made a strategic decision to move my videos to YouTube in order to make them more widely available. As part of this process we then used a web site component to display and categorize these videos on the main web site. Without getting technical –because I am not much of a technie – the component broke down and the video indexing was scrambled while many videos became unusable.

I’m now happy to announce that our new video section has been rebuilt. It’s cleaner, faster and more intuitive. Now there are nearly 70 video clips available from live presentations or media interviews. Many are just a few minutes long. Some are ten to fifteen minutes in depth. And a few are even a bit deeper and longer.

Click here to visit our main video page where you can quickly overview and scroll through all the videos. If you put your curser over any video title, a short description of the clip will appear. Click on the title video screen shot for the YouTube clip to pop up for playing.

We’ve also sorted the videos into these categories:

• Media Interviews
• Personal Leadership
• Leading Change
• The Performance Balance (Technology, Management, and Leadership)
• Leadership Lessons from Emotional Intelligence
• Timeless Leadership Principles (seven core areas from Growing the Distance and The Leader’s Digest)
• Quality and Safety Leadership
• Transformation Pathways
• Keynote and Workshop Style
• Moose on the Table

You can use these clips on personal growth, inspiring your team, supplementing your development or coaching programs, fostering group action planning, or evaluating the fit of my style or topics with a meeting, retreat, or training program you have planned. Click here to contact Heather or me if you’d like to discuss any of this further.

Register for another Complimentary Webcast on February 12

Given the popularity of my Thriving in Turbulent Times webcast on December 3rd (over 550 sites tuned in), I am partnering with the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) to bring you another fast-paced hour of ideas, inspiration, and how-to applications on developing leadership skills on February 12th. In this unique and rare webcast, I have distilled my last 30 years of work in leadership and organization development helping thousands of people and hundreds of organizations boost their effectiveness.

For this 60 minute complimentary webcast I’ve condensed the key elements of personal growth (leading from the inside out), leading and developing individuals and teams, navigating change, and building organizational flexibility into five main sections:

1. Change Challenges and Choices
2. Keys to Leading Change
3. The High Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People
4. Soft Skills, Hard Results: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
5. Timeless Leadership Principles for Enduring Team and Organizational Success

Click here to get more detailed information about the agenda and to register.