Over the past few months as I’ve been polishing, editing, and finalizing my new book Growing @ the Speed of Change: Your Inspir-actional How-To Guide For Leading Yourself and Others through Constant Change, our Marketing Director, Aidan Crawford, has been renovating and upgrading our web site. Our consistent goal since our first site was posted on the shiny new Internet in 1996, has been to provide a resource centre filled with lots of inspirational and practical material for continuously improving personal, team, and organizational performance.

We now have a very large site with almost 1,500 pages. The growing challenge is making it easy for visitors to navigate through the site to quickly and easily find the practical leadership resources most relevant and helpful to them. Our efforts are now paying huge dividends in increased traffic. We were already getting a good number of daily visits. We’re now seeing a sharp and rapidly escalating increase in visitors to our site. And they are “stickier” – staying around longer.

Here are some of the recent upgrades to improve site navigation and searching.

Leader Letter Archive
All 78 issues since I began writing The Leader Letter in 2003 are archived. On the right side of the archive main page at https://www.clemmergroup.com/newsletter/?page_id=624 you’ll find a list of Leader Letter topics. Click on any one for past items with my commentary, reader comments/input, assessments, “thoughts that make you go hmmm….,” guest articles, application exercises, tips and techniques, etc. on that topic.

By the way, there’s now a Smart Phone version of The Leader Letter available at https://www.clemmergroup.com/newsletter.

Improvement Points Archive
Improvement Points is a free e-mail based service we’ve provided for nearly ten years. Three times a week, a short quotation is drawn from one of my articles around the topic areas we now use to catalog over 300 articles on site (and the Leader Letter archive.) All Improvement Points since we started using aweber’s service two years ago are shown chronologically at https://www.clemmergroup.com/improvement-points-archive.php. The list of topics on the right column of this page are from our previous cataloging index going back to when this service began.

Monthly Article Archive
This is another free e-mail based service available by subscription. Many subscribers are looking for content for organizational or association newsletters, online blogs, magazines or newspapers. Two featured articles per month are sent featured around a timely theme or topic. The archive at https://www.clemmergroup.com/monthly-article-service-archive.php has past articles.

Google Site Search
Almost every page on our site now has a “Google Site Search” box. Type any topic into this and it will instantly give you a list of articles or archived material on that topic. I use this quite a bit when I am trying to recall something I’ve written on a topic.

Friendly Online Book Store
Aidan has also been working hard during the summer at revamping and upgrading our Online Bookstore. It’s much easier to navigate and offers new bundling combinations on my books, workbooks, and audio materials. The shopping cart has been simplified and is even more secure.