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This month’s articles are, in the words of Law and Order, “ripped from the headlines.” Here in Canada, business leaders, and politicians at all levels of government are tripping over themselves trying to avoid responsibility and shift blame instead of tackling real issues. It’s a perfectly natural instinct, but it’s not helpful when it comes to dealing with real “moose-on-the-table”® problems.

Leaders Take Responsibility for Their Choices
We were having a lively discussion in a management workshop about the prevalence of “blame storming” in many organizations. The problem, we agreed, was that instead of tackling the problem, poorly led teams devote their energies to allocating blame and avoiding responsibility.

Leaders Go First
We’ve all heard about the importance of leading by example. Unfortunately, this phrase has become such a worn-out cliché that it has lost its meaning. Everywhere we look today, there are examples of our failure to recognize words and actions that don’t match.

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