There’s plenty of evidence to show that we’re in the midst of a major world shift. We’re living through another of dozens in a centuries-long line of disruptive pivot points. Part of nature’s rejuvenation is a phase of cleansing and purging. This usually rocks our current frameworks, expectations, and maybe too-comfortable lifestyles. Cleansing and purging makes room for the new order.

Depending on our perspective, a hinge of history like we’re currently experiencing is either an invigorating or a cursed time to be alive. If you choose to thrive on turbulence and change, this time is a rare gift to participate in, and help shape, new ways of doing and being in our personal lives, organizations, communities, and societies. Years from now, we will look at this hinge of history as an era of upheaval and renewal that inspired us to a higher and different order of prosperity. If we continue history’s long trends, we’re moving toward a great renaissance of spirit, cooperation, love, redefined wealth, and care for the earth’s environment.

During our workshops, team-planning sessions in particular, we often compile a list of major trends rocking our world. And it is a long, long list: technology, customer expectations, competition, globalization, business/organizational models, product or service response or development times, workforce demographics and cultural diversity, government regulations and policies, employee attitudes and expectations in the workplace, environmental issues and concerns, and economic gyrations between rapid expansion and sharp contraction…

I could go on, but you get the picture: these are all things shaping us or within our power to shape. This is an invigorating and great time – or a threatening and disastrous time – to be alive.