On May 19 I was interviewed for a one hour teleconference by Shelley MacDougall and Kevin MacDonald. Shelley and Kevin have created a program (mainly for the private club industry) called the Extraordinary Leader. It is a tele-class and web-based community with the focus of developing Extraordinary Leaders. This year-long program is divided into twelve modules.

Our May interview was about 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of questions from participants. During our discussion we looked at vision from a self-leadership perspective and in leading others. Here are a few of the questions I responded to:

• How important is a personal vision? How can we create a compelling personal vision?

• Is being visionary a learned skill? Can anyone learn it?

• What is the process for building a team or organization vision for a team or organization?

• What are some of the obstacles in creating an impactful vision?

• As you work with many organizations around North America, do you notice that most organizations have compelling vision or not?

• What do you find are the biggest leadership challenges today?

• Who are some of the leaders in your life that have influenced you? What have they taught you? What are some of your greatest leadership lessons?

Time flew by as Shelley and Kevin led us through a lively discussion that went beyond vision to discuss organizational culture, values, and purpose. We also touched on broader leadership issues with a few excellent questions from participants.

To (download/listen) to the interview go to https://www.clemmergroup.com/uploads/Visions_%20Master%20Call.mp3.

I have written extensively about vision, values, and purpose. Here are three sections of our web site where you can peruse a large selection of short articles on various aspects of this topic:

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