In one of last week’s blog postings I featured a reflective comment from Gregory Knight, Department Head, Laboratory Services, U.S. Navy, that he posted at the bottom of my article “True to Our Souls.”Click here to read it..” That prompted Linda Morelli, Michael Darmody, and Ravi Tangri to add their insightful thoughts and feedback to the bottom of the article. In doing so, they recharged some of my own purpose and meaning.

Linda’s reaffirmation of “I must find the courage to follow my heart” could be taken right out of all the recent happiness research. She’s right on track; living a life of meaning and fulfillment is one of the golden keys to happiness. It’s a reminder we all need occasionally when financial, prestige, power, or external factors tempt us to mute our heart’s still small voice.

I have certainly had my share of those “doubt days” that Michael refers to in his comment. As he experienced, that’s when we most need to stay refocused on our vision, values, and purpose. And this is especially critical during these times of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Ravi’s point about these turbulent times being an opportunity to start looking at things in new ways is excellent. I sure agree with him. And I hope more people will resist jumping right back into the “mad dash” when our economies pick up again. By training, Ravi actually is a rocket scientist. His “Life is Not Rocket Science” blog at is thoughtful and insightful.

You can read Linda, Michael, and Ravi’s comments at the bottom of the article at Please add your own observations, experience, or advice about this conversation.

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