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Here are my personal three choices of the Improvement Points we sent out in July:

Whether we choose to focus on our problems or our possibilities is a key leadership issue. When we are faced with obstacles and failure, those who can overcome adversity and learn from their experiences, turning them into opportunities, are the ones who will be truly successful.
from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Growing the Leader in Us”
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Variations of management by exception are leading causes of the demoralization and fear that’s rampant in so many groups and organizations. People feel criticized, ignored, unappreciated, and even used. They feel like a piece of equipment or just so many “human assets with skin wrapped around them.
from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Recognition and Appreciation Inspires and Energizes”
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If we are unhappy with the behavior of people on our team or in our organization, we need to take a closer look at the system and structure they’re working in. If they behave like bureaucrats, they’re likely working in a bureaucracy. If they’re not customer focused, they’re probably using systems and working in structure that weren’t designed to serve the servers and/or customers.
from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Organization Structure Limits or Liberates High Performance”
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