Poorly designed organizations, ineffective processes, bureaucratic systems, unaligned rewards, unclear customer/partner focus, fuzzy visions, values, and purpose, unskilled team leaders and members, cluttered goals and priorities, low trust levels, and weak measurements and feedback loops all cause communication problems. Whenever a manager contacts us to solve a “communication problem,” we always know we have some digging to do.

from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Communication Strategies, Systems, and Skills”
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Discipline is the difference between the dreamer and the doer. Many people can vision and talk a good story about what they are going to do. Some even set out to put their good intentions into practice. But few people are able to stick to their plans. Without the discipline to follow through, there can be no improvement. The depth of our discipline will determine the accumulation and longevity of our improvement.

from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Personal Improvement Planning and Discipline”
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Growth or rot are the direct results, respectively, of the learning habits or the stagnation that flow from our choices.

from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Always on the Grow”
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