The following was originally posted in the May issue of the Leader Letter. I’m posting it here now to give some background to new subscribers.

As longtime subscribers to the Leader Letter already know, one of the themes I come back to again and again is change. Change in the workplace. Change in the home. Change in our lives.

Well this month, my big theme is change in the Leader Letter!

Nothing too drastic. You’ll still receive a monthly missive to your inbox. The big change is now you don’t have to wait for it.

As I said last month, I have a new blog on practical leadership. I love the interactive format, and how it allows me to not only post my thoughts, but also encourages you to contribute yours. So starting this month I’ll begin posting the regular features from the Leader Letter on my blog.

All you have to do is simply click on either of the following images in Firefox or the new Internet Explorer (version 7) and add a button with Practical Leadership should appear at the top of your browser window.

You can then track updates without adding another site to your daily “must-visit” list. Just click on your browser tab each morning to to get a daily dose of inspiration from articles, thoughts, and Leader Letter items as soon as they’re posted. It’s a quick shot of inspiration or learning a few times per week rather than one large newsletter every month. Think of it as a little something to get you going as your inbox updates.

The Leader Letter is now a summary of the “best-of” or the most popular items from the previous month’s blog postings.

If you prefer to keep reading each month’s Leader Letter in one place, we will continue to deliver the newsletter (selected blog entries as shown below) in our traditional format online. You can view or print-out the full newsletter on our site.