Here are my personal three choices of the Improvement Points we sent out in May:

“Improvement planning, process management, teams, skill development, and the like are either constrained or boosted by our organization’s structure and support systems. If they are poorly aligned with our Context and Focus (vision, values, and purpose), strategies, and goals, performance will never come close to its full potential.”

from Jim Clemmer’s article, ” Organization Structure Limits or Liberates High Performance “
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“No matter how “right” a vision, deeply held principles, or purpose may be, they won’t mobilize others if they can’t be effectively communicated.”

– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Strong Leaders are Strong Communicators”
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“At my youngest daughter’s sixth birthday party, a five-year-old boy hit her on the head. Asked to apologize, he politely refused: “Mr. Clemmer, I don’t apologize unless I see teeth marks or blood.”

Many managers don’t realize the problems they’re creating unless they see the teeth marks or blood on those with whom they work. The most insensitive managers are those who lack good feedback systems and refuse to seek input on how to improve their own performance.”

– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Don’t Wait to See Blood”
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