I am not sure if I’ve cut the Gordian Knot Layton refers to in his message below. I certainly continue to appreciate his ongoing support for my work. Layton is referring to our latest survey for Growing the Distance readers and the new Growing the Distance: Self-Study System I produced to go with it.

Here are the links:

  • If you have Growing the Distance, but NOT the Self-Study System,
    Click Here to take survey
  • If you have both Growing the Distance AND the Self-Study System,
    Click Here to take survey
  • Hi Jim

    I’m now in Shediac NB, my summer residence for the past 10 years or so. So I do not have my copy of Growing the Distance nearby — nor does my specific memory have much data in a current file.

    So my response to your survey is merely this.

    I have always found your writing clear, readable, interesting and perhaps mostly practical and applicable. So “Carry On”.

    With regard to new possible products, I can only say that my view is that the greatest lack among all of us is “Self Knowledge”.

    There are lots of “How To” resources. But How To advice gets implemented through the lens of our own perceptions and values and patterns and often/mostly unconscious models and habits and assumptions of how things work. Even great ideas implemented through these unconscious levers produce uncertain and mostly unrepeatable untestable outcomes.

    So any intervention that you might make into this great Gordian knotted mass could be a breakthrough. Even the consciousness of the issue might in itself make a great difference.

    Great good wishes as you journey on.

    Layton Fisher