“I love the format of your articles on the Improvement Points e-mails.”

Wendy Morin, VP of HR & Administration, Central One Federal Credit Union, Shrewsbury, MA

Improvement Points is a free service providing a key thought or quotation from one of my articles, provided three times per week, directly to your e-mail inbox. Each complimentary Improvement Point links directly into the full article on our web site that spawned it. If you’d like to read more about that day’s Improvement Point, you can choose to click through to the short article for a quick five-minute read. This is your opportunity for a short pause that refreshes, is an inspirational vitamin, or a quick performance boost. You can circulate especially relevant or timely articles or Improvement Points to your team, Clients, or colleagues for further discussion or action.

Here are my personal three choices of the Improvement Points we sent out in February:

“Energizing leaders employ a multitude of creative ways to foster appreciation and recognition, giving among all team and organization members. They also find numerous ways to hike energy and enjoyment levels by marking and celebrating milestones along the way.”

– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Celebration is the Pause that Refreshes”
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“The team management choices can be plotted on a three-point continuum:
Management commands and controls the work group, with some consultation and involvement (this is not a team).

Management roles and responsibilities (such as scheduling, planning, meeting facilitation, and establishing measures) are shared between team members and the team leader.

The team is autonomous and manages itself.”

– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Matching Team Types and Focus”
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“We all make occasional trips to “Pity City” or have our “doubt days.” But highly effective people — leaders — have a passion for life and deep commitment to their work or cause (often the same thing).”
– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “Beyond “Near-Life Experiences”
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