Each year I run a public Leading @ the Speed of Change workshop here in my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario (just 45 minutes from the Toronto airport). Since my keynotes and workshops are always private sessions tailored specifically to the organization or association I’m working for, this is one of the few opportunities most people ever get to work with me at a public event.

Each year’s session is different as I incorporate new learnings and introduce various materials. This year I’m adding additional videos, exercises, examples, research, and applications to the mix. I am excited about the revitalized material that’s emerged from so much of this year’s client work. I look forward to sharing it with a diverse audience joining us from across, Canada, the U.S., and New Zealand (he’ll get the prize for furthest trip).

One of the unique things about this particular version of my most popular workshop and keynote topic area is that I blend topics such as personal or self-leadership with leading others. In past sessions, this has been a key learning for many participants. We can’t lead others to a place we haven’t been – or aren’t headed toward. I especially recall one manager last year who attended the session to “learn how to change the people in his organization.” During the two days, he realized that changing them starts with changing me.