One of the amzing things about the internet is the reach it allows. Here is an exchange I had from Kishore in India.


I have read most of your books and passed on your books to my friends. I have been following your writings for more than 6 years now.

I am currently writing a blog on Leadership ( . I wrote one post about you with title “Leadership insights from Jim Clemmer”.

I am also glad to see you start a blog. We can understand your views better now. Newsletter is mostly tailored whereas blog is much more free flowing in conveying your thoughts. I am able to read your posts as soon as they are posted

I wanted to understand one challenge leaders face.

How can you find and train a person to fill in your shoes? Being a successful leader is one challenge but leaving a legacy that can be continued by someone else is important. How can one recruit and mentor a person to fill our shoes. I believe succession planning is a key responsibility for leaders and any tips regarding this will be appreciated

Hope to hear from you on this


What Kishore described is a very key responsibility of leaders. Growing and developing others is absolutely central to leadership. You can find a selection of my writing on both personal growth and growing others.

You can also find a few references to coaching in my February 2004 newsletter. I have written more extensively about coaching in my latest book, The Leader’s Digest: Timeless Principles for Team and Organization Success. You can read an excerpt from the book that deals with coaching here.