Just after the April issue of my monthly newsletter, The Leader Letter, was sent out I received the following e-mail. Since subscribers don’t pay for the service – and it takes me at least a day a month to produce – feedback like this provides a bit of “psychic pay” for all this “voluntary labor!”

Jim and Clemmer Team,

“I just love your newsletter and am so thankful that a colleague recommended it to me several years ago. It’s the one newsletter that I actually look forward to receiving and have not canceled due to boredom with the ‘same old, same old.’ Thanks for keeping the quality of the articles consistent AND keeping it fresh! Seems like every time I get one, I feel compelled to pass the article on to new colleagues and friends so that they, too, may receive it. I’m looking forward to your new Moose-on-the-Table book.”

Laura Gamba, BA, CBA, Senior Project Coordinator, Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Tampa, FL

New Feedback From an Old Supporter

Basil Dutton has been a long-time reader and supporter of my books going way back to the earlier days when I REALLY needed the encouragement. His world travels on his ISO work make my travel schedule look like a suburban commute! We’ve been out of touch for a few years. After a lunch last fall, he read my latest two books and sent me this much appreciated feedback.

“I always mention your name whenever the opportunity presents itself, and that has occurred on a number of occasions including Busan Nov. 12 – 17, Dubai (March 18 – 20) and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) March 21 – April 1. I just loved reading The Leader’s Digest, and am now in the throes of Growing the Distance. The Leader’s Digest is superbly written with real-life anecdotes that greatly facilitate reader absorption and interest — all the ingredients readily combine to make this great piece of work very fascinating reading as well!

What I usually do at the end of a seminar is provide suggested ‘further reading material’, and promote your work. I think it was in Calgary, where one student said after the course that he was definitely recommending purchase of all your books to his company.

Kolkata is a fascinating place. It’s where I was born 67 years ago. Since I was working in Dubai, it made it an obvious option – more so because it would afford me the opportunity of seeing my sister again after 24 years (we last met in my home in Sydney). I was visiting Kolkata after 34 years! Words that spontaneously come to mind are : INFRASTRUCTURE & COMMUNICATION. I believe we could do some work there along with a couple of other colleagues whom I referred you to earlier (Geneva).

Cheers for now. I greatly respect and appreciate your friendship.”


Basil Dutton
Member, Canadian Advisory Committee/ISO Technical Committee 176 (Quality) and International Delegate for Canada