A fun activity I am squeezing into my schedule is writing a completely different style of book that we’ll be publishing later this year. This one has the working title (often not the final title) of Moose-on-the-Table: A Fable of Courageous Conversations in the Workplace.

This book is my first work of fiction. It’s a fable built around Pete Leonard, a struggling manager in an organization with a big moose problem (if you’re not familiar with my use of this metaphor and approach, go to the October 2004 issue of the Leader Letter).

I am having a blast writing it. I don’t have to verify facts, back up my statements with research, or accurately report on what happened. I can just make it up! What a freeing experience that is proving to be. I can’t wait to get it into reader’s hands for feedback on this new direction in my writing.