Elevating Feedback

Learning to Give Feedback

Although organizational leaders are recognizing that feedback is one of the best vehicles to help people grow and develop, they lack the skills and courage to give and provide the most effective forms of feedback — reinforcing and redirecting.

Reinforcing feedback can be highly motivating. Most people like to hear positive input about themselves and their performance.

Redirecting feedback, on the other hand, is even more valuable. When delivered with skill, corrective feedback can act like a powerful medicine that cures, however, it can do harm if not done well. Because of that, most managers are cautious to give it, and the combination causes it be in short supply, despite the critical need.

During the workshop, a CLEMMER Group client facilitator will help each participant to:

  • Understand the research and the business case for managers to provide reinforcing and redirecting feedback to their employees.
  • Analyze the Feedback Practices and Perspectives Self Assessment. This assessment measures the extent to which people seek to give and receive the two major kinds of feedback: reinforcing and redirecting. Further, it measures inner self-confidence.
  • Learn Zenger Folkman’s proven FUEL model to provide a framework for managers to use during feedback conversations.
  • Discover how and when to provide reinforcing and redirecting feedback to employees.
  • Give both positive feedback for recognition and corrective feedback to help others be more productive and cease less effective behavior.

This half-day skill-building workshop gives managers the skills to provide feedback.

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