Firing on All Cylinders Audio Set

…from the Highly Acclaimed Bestseller on Customer Service and Quality Improvement

Jim Clemmer’s book, Firing on All Cylinders is a bestseller in both the U.S. and Canada because he provides straight-forward advice, vivid examples, and practical steps for action. Now two of the most popular and useful areas of this widely referenced book have been compiled and condensed on two one-hour audio CDs.

Customer Service: Easy to Talk About, Tough to Do

There are many reasons that most efforts to improve customer service levels fail. High on that list is a poor understanding of how to define, tune into, and measure customer expectations. Another key failure factor is rooted in the organization’s culture. Frontline service providers don’t feel well served by their organization. That’s because most managers are cops rather coaches, send inconsistent signals on customers’ true value, and aren’t effective team leaders.

CD 1 – Understanding Customer Expectations

  1. Why Focus on Customers and Improve Service
  2. Defining/Understanding Service and Customer Perceived Value (“The Three Rings of Perceived Value”)
  3. Tuning into Customers: Tips, Techniques, and Traps
  4. Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  5. Service Marketing Strategies and Managing Customer Expectations

CD 2 – Building a Customer-Focused Organization: Leadership Roles and Skills

  1. Employee Involvement, Teams, and the New Organization
  2. New Management Roles and Skills
  3. Signaling Commitment: Visible Values in Action
  4. Coaching Skills
  5. Team Leadership Skills

Use These Audio CDs to Increase Understanding and Awareness Across Your Organization

The organizations who’ve benefited the most from Firing on All Cylinders have applied the book’s frameworks and approaches consistently throughout all management levels and frontline teams. These audio CDs were designed to build on and reinforce this highly successful implementation strategy by:

  • Providing frontline servers and improvement teams with a common language, approach, and tools to more effectively understand and focus on their customers
  • Giving supervisors, managers, and executives a common framework and deeper awareness of their leadership role and the skills they need to build a customer-focused culture
  • Reviewing and reinforcing the book’s key customer-focus messages for those organizations using it as a guide to improve service/quality performance
  • Allowing busy managers, teams, and service providers who don’t have the time (or tendency to read improvement books) to get an overview of the key elements of customer-focus

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