Transformation Pathways

Research shows that 50 – 60% of organizational change and improvement efforts are failing. While they may change a few short-term performance indicators (such as reducing some costs, improving some processes, or shortening cycle times), many initiatives fail to change the very character and fabric of the team or organization. These efforts often make surface-level changes, but few penetrate to the deeper level of cultural transformation.

Part of the problem is that we’re traveling in uncharted territory. Old maps and traditional compasses can easily lead management teams astray. Many of the routes and practices that senior managers followed for their own career success now lead to mediocre performance – or oblivion. Managers need to draw new maps for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. And since there’s no certain path to higher performance or sure-fire formula for success, highly effective leaders are searching out, exploring, and blazing their own new and unique trails.

Transformation Pathways:

The CLEMMER Group’s transformation framework is built around “Transformation Pathways.” This framework evolved from Jim Clemmer’s international bestseller, Firing on All Cylinders: The Service/Quality System for High-Powered Corporate Performance, along with his and his colleagues’ extensive research and experience with hundreds of leading organizations.

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