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The Extraordinary Coach Workshop

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Master a simple, flexible, yet powerful coaching framework

The Extraordinary Coach – One-day Workshop led by Jim Clemmer

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Effective coaches have a profound impact on individuals, teams, and organizations. All known drivers of productivity can be increased through improved coaching. In The Extraordinary Coach Workshop, you will develop the essential coaching skills that are required to be a great leader. In addition, you will learn what extraordinary coaches do well and how you can maximize your leadership impact and inspire others to perform at their peak. Stop simply giving advice and learn to enable others to come to better decisions on their own.


  • Design a Coaching Development Plan
  • Use the FUEL framework to engage in effective and efficient coaching conversations
  • Improve the performance, engagement, and capabilities of others
  • Accelerate business outcomes
  • Analyze your results from The Extraordinary Coach Attributes and Perspectives Assessment
  • Practice and receive feedback around how to hold a coaching conversation
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Learn more about The Extraordinary Coach, The Extraordinary Leader, and building strengths in this 60-minute webinar:

How Much Difference Does Coaching Really Make?

The performance of talent in our organizations is key to profitability and success. As the leading management thinker, Peter Drucker, observed,

A 10% increase of productivity would double the profits of most organizations.

Research from our database of 250,000 multi-rater feedback surveys shows this huge difference in results produced by the worst and the best coaches:

  • 8 times higher levels of employee engagement and commitment!
  • Over 3 times more willingness to “go the extra mile” for the team or organization.
  • 2.5 times higher levels of “satisfaction with my involvement in decisions that affect my work.”
  • More than double the number of employees who were inspired to “put forth a great deal of effort every day.”
  • Twice as high ratings of supervisor effectiveness.
  • Half as many employees thinking about quitting.
  • Dramatically higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.
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The Coaching Skills Gap

Only 11% of employees listed their supervisors when asked “whom do you turn to for advice on problems at work?”
– Study on the need for improved coaching skills development

Organizational surveys show that most managers believe they are providing coaching to employees and score themselves high. However, most employees state they receive little coaching from their leaders and score their leaders low.

Leaders often fall into these common coaching traps:

  • Trapped by reactive problem solving that puts out short-term fires and doesn’t build long-term personal, team, or organization capabilities.
  • Jumping into coaching discussions with little planning and no framework to guide the conversation.
  • Confusing giving advice/feedback with coaching.
  • Perpetuating the Manager-Employee Dependence Cycle: Employee complains about what’s not working, hopes for solutions and advice from the manager, and expects him or her to own the issue. The manager listens to the problem, gives advice, and expects results from the employee.
  • Climbing The Ladder of Inference way too quickly; rapidly stepping up from data/observations, to adding meaning, making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, adopting beliefs, and taking actions that often damages relationships and doesn’t deal with the root issue.
  • Spending 85 – 90% of conversations with employees on project or status updates and very little time on coaching and developing. Employees want a 50/50 ratio.
  • Confusing performance appraisal/management with performance coaching.

When asked why they aren’t providing more coaching managers will typically say I am overwhelmed and don’t have enough time, my boss doesn’t coach me, or my employees don’t need coaching. Our research shows these are excuses coming from low performing leaders without coaching mindsets on wobbly foundations of weak coaching skills. Within the very same organization conditions and culture, working for the same senior leaders, with the same set of employees exceptional leaders provide extraordinary coaching – and deliver dramatically higher performance results than their lesser skilled peers.

Here are four of the main reasons many managers don’t develop their coaching skills:

  • Avoiding potentially uncomfortable discussions.
  • Insecure about the true value of his or her coaching.
  • Misunderstanding the true nature of good coaching.
  • Direct reports seldom ask for it.
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Coaching Key Learnings

This powerful hands-on coaching development system is built around the practical and proven four step FUEL framework for highly effective coaching conversations.

Give employees renewed meaning in their work, strengthen team/organizational culture, increase teamwork, boost workplace health, heighten creativity, improve risk taking, and increase ownership.

  • Boost on-the-job coaching skills for maximum impact on employee attraction/retention, engagement/commitment, productivity, and customer service.
  • Understand the crucial differences between training, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Learn the key attributes of great coaches, what they do that makes them so effective, and how they do it.
  • Develop the coaching mindset and build the coaching skill set of extraordinary leader-coaches.
  • Learn the key coaching skills that expand awareness, discover superior solutions, and make and implement better decisions.
  • Learn how to probe below the surface problems, events, and issues for the meaning, emotion, and energy that form a bigger picture or pattern coming from even deeper underlying beliefs and assumptions.
  • Observe highly effective coaching, practice, and get immediate feedback on the key elements of catalytic coaching conversations leading to peak performance.
  • Find the right balance on the continuum of Laissez-Faire, Collaborative, and Autocratic leadership.
  • Complete an on-line self-survey that measures coaching behavioral preferences to determine how well you currently engage in conversations with individuals you coach and support.
  • Harness the power of coaching questions and a problem solving process leading to an effective action plan that’s highly supported and followed through with clear milestones and accountabilities.

The research and approaches used in this powerful coaching process are outlined in The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow.

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Video Overview

Workshop Audience

The Extraordinary Coach is designed for anyone who seeks increased employee engagement, improved productivity, and the insightful application of a best-in-class coaching framework. The Extraordinary Coach is being used extensively for individual leaders at all levels of an organization from senior executives to first-line supervisors, who coach others as part of their job responsibilities.

Workshop Format, Dates, and Locations

This is a one-day, interactive, leadership learning, assessing, and planning experience led by Jim Clemmer in:

No dates planned currently – hosted at Centre for Health & Safety Innovation, Mississauga [Directions] [Hotel Suggestions]

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Fees and Registration

$895.00 for The Extraordinary Coach (one day workshop) No dates planned currently

$1,295.00 – Attend BOTH The Extraordinary Leader AND The Extraordinary Coach workshops (two days total) No dates planned currently

Registration and a light continental breakfast start anytime after 7:30 AM. The workshop sessions will begin promptly at 8:30 AM and run until 5:00 PM.

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Participant Materials

  • The Extraordinary Coach Participant Manual — a reference, workbook, and toolset to empower effective coaching
  • The Extraordinary Coach Attributes and Perspectives Assessment—a self-survey that measures coaching behavioral preferences
  • The Coaching Conversation Guide — a useful reference tool
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Client Reviews

What Clients Are Saying About The Extraordinary Coach

“A strong, empirically-based approach to cut right to the heart of the (coaching) issue to provide something both situationally-relevant and contextually profound…threads the needle between theory and anecdotal practice and provide perspective and tools that can benefit everyone from CEOs bent on changing culture to frontline managers plying their skills on the factory floor.”
– Courtney Rogers, Executive Director, Human Resources and Talent, Amgen

“This critical leadership skill begins with a context of research, moves to the realities of the workplace, and then settles into a series of practical guidelines and examples.”
– Ronald E. Galbraith, Chairman/Chief Consulting Officer, onFocus|Healthcare

“The distinction between training, mentoring, and coaching, the FUEL framework, and using real scenarios were very valuable.”
– Kiran Kapoor, Manager, Research & Program Evaluation, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

“A powerful, yet digestible, framework to help leaders become the coaches they aspire to be: relationship-based, collaboration-oriented, change-focused, and FUEL-ed for success! Leaders in all types of organizations, and at all levels, will benefit from this insightful work.”
– P. Artell Smith, Vice President, Human Resources, Hewitt Associates

“The concepts are profound and practical… provides the FUEL for our approach to creating a coaching culture at Associated Food Stores.”
– Steve Jones, Manager, AFS University, Associated Food Stores

“The coaching framework is straightforward and effective – easier to use than other models I’ve been exposed to.”
– David Stover, President, Oxford University Press Canada

“The opportunity to discuss, observe, and practice the skills really helped solidify the learning for me.”
– Lori Lane, Learning & Performance Specialist, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

“FUEL and conversation guide is great framework to follow.”
– Andrea Warren, Executive Director, Classic LifeCare

“The live coaching session solidified the use of the material for me.”
– John Spinozzi, Maintenance Production Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation

“The facilitator was great – using real examples to identify opportunities. This helped me gain confidence in my abilities.”
– Robin Liska, Training Coordinator, Chudleighs

“I had several light bulb moments during the two days. The 360 assessment was very useful for me to recognize my strengths. I also saw that coaching is a necessity and not an option to help my team grow.”
Jane Wald, Manager of Education, The Good Samaritan Society

“Jim’s purpose, passion, example, stories, and experiences supported my learning.”
– Rachelle Lukasewich, Corporate Trainer, Servus Credit Union

“The most valuable part of this workshop was having takeaway tools. Jim is a facilitator who coaches, with practical approaches that are logical and intuitive, and using actual situations/not role playing.”
– Kim Campbell, VP Quality, The Good Samaritan Society

In-House Customized Workshop

Customized in-house sessions are delivered to executive or management teams, other intact or cross-functional work teams, or to individuals gathered from different parts of an organization, with customized links to the organization’s other leadership and culture development efforts.

Two-Day In-House Customized Workshop

  • Includes a multi-rater 360 assessment and personal feedback report built around Zenger Folkman’s research on the 14 Differentiating Competencies of extraordinary coaches.
  • Facilitating and guiding participants to build on and leverage from their coaching strengths.
  • An additional module on giving and receiving feedback.
  • Customized links to the organization’s other leadership and culture development efforts.

Contact us to discuss bringing this workshop in-house to your organization.

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