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Webinar: Groundbreaking New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development

November 29, 2016 - 1:00-2:00 PM ET

This webinar has taken place. You can view it on demand by clicking here.

In this learning-rich and fast-paced 60 minute webcast Jim Clemmer outlines how leaders and coaches can go from good to great and deliver truly extraordinary results:

  • stronger leadership bench strength
  • resilient teamwork
  • higher sales and profits
  • much greater coaching effectiveness
  • increased retention and engagement
  • enhanced talent management
  • improved customer service
  • greater safety and wellness
  • effective succession planning
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Same Old Approaches = Same Old Results.

Our organizations desperately want and need much stronger leadership at all levels. But most organizations aren’t significantly improving employee engagement, customer satisfaction, attracting and retaining top talent, succession planning, increasing health and safety, or energizing organization culture. Traditional leadership and coaching skill development methods are producing very little behavioral change.

Current approaches are falling woefully short. A ten year global study showed 93% of executives feel their leadership development efforts aren’t working. It’s nearly unanimous! The opportunity cost is staggering.

Here’s why the same old methods are producing the same old results:

  • Poor motivation: Traditional focus on fixing weaknesses undermines participant motivation for change.
  • Downward spiral: Leaders micromanage, which results in reduced ownership and accountability for employees, reinforcing this negative cycle. Leaders end up crazy busy, overwhelmed, and frustrated.
  • Missed connections: Leaders don’t make the connection between their effectiveness and falling employee engagement levels.
  • Faulty feedback: Self-assessment of strengths and effectiveness is only half as accurate as feedback from everyone else.
  • Negative 360 assessments: Traditional 360 assessments are negative and punishing. This faulty pathway to “improvement planning” is discouraging, demotivating and proven to be 2 to 3 times less effective in changing behavior.
  • Development dead-end: There is no clear development roadmap for leveraging a leadership strength from good to great other than “try harder.”
  • Poor coaching skills: Coaching is often confused with giving advice and doesn’t build long-term personal, team, or organization capabilities.
  • Improvised coaching conversations: Leaders don’t know how to frame their coaching conversations, and jump into coaching discussions with little planning and no framework.
  • Spray and pray: leadership and coaching development are rarely research-based using methodologies proven to boost effectiveness.
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Good is the Enemy of Great.
Great Leaders = Great Results.

Too often, organizations settle for good results from good leaders. Organizations with great leaders get great results. Can you afford to settle for less?
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About Jim Clemmer and The CLEMMER Group

For over 30 years, Jim Clemmer’s practical leadership approaches have built stronger people and stronger organizations. He’s an “edutaining” keynote and workshop leader with the right balance of rich content, appropriate humor, inspiring insights, and practical how-to implementation steps. Jim’s 2,000+ presentations and seminars/retreats, seven international bestselling books, columns, blog, and newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide because they are inspiring, instructive, and refreshingly fun. And most of all – because they work.

For over 20 years The CLEMMER Group has been making people better for organizations and organizations better for people. Using well-researched and proven approaches forged through deep experience with hundreds of organizations we provide programs and services in three core areas:

  • Leadership Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats – From Inspiration to Application
  • Zenger Folkman’s Canadian Strategic Partner – Elevating Leadership and Coaching Strengths
  • Culture and Organization Development – Strengthening People and Processes
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